Science and Art

Europe is another world.

The continent has been gripped by a roiling controversy over how to clean Michelangelo’s David. Old-school restorationists favor the cautious application of badger-hair brushes and cotton swabs. The modernists propose methods reliant on chemicals and high-tech ingenuity.

You instantly sense that the parties to this argument are talking past each other. Maybe it’s partly a case of each group of restorationists having hammers that make everything look, to them, like a nail. If you possess a badger-hair brush, you are naturally on the alert for things to brush with badger hair. Likewise, if you own an infra-red laser, you may be on the prowl for things to zap with it.

It may also be that the two sides weigh risks and benefits differently. If cleanliness were the only issue, then maybe the modernists would have the decisive arguments. But there may also be the feeling that Michelangelo’s masterpiece has suffered enough physical depredations, and some might fear that novel methods could cause irreparable harm, in unforeseen ways, to something priceless.

In the end, it is hard to dispel the impression that fundamentally different worldviews are clashing. Romantics will naturally gravitate to the caress of the badger-hair brush. Tough-minded technophiles may tend to see such an attitude as irrationally sentimental. Both sides to this controversy can claim some expertise. But the modalities of expertise at issue seem incommensurable. How should such a dispute be resolved?

Science and Politics

Nicholas Thompson has a thought-provoking piece in the Washington Monthly about the Bush administration’s uneasy relations with the scientific community. Entitled “Science Friction,” the article offers several examples of areas — stem cell research, global warming, ergonomics — in which the administration and Republican allies in Congress have given short shrift to scientific information that didn’t validate their policy goals.

Thompson acknowledges that “Any administration will be tempted to trumpet the conclusions of science when they justify actions that are advantageous politically, and to ignore them when they don’t.” But Thompson makes the case that a growing Republican antipathy to the scientific community has deeper political roots. He quotes from a recent New Yorker interview in which Karl Rove defines the term “Democrat” as “somebody with a doctorate.” Thompson goes on to suggest that Rove’s definition actually captures something. As a demographic group, Thompson says, scientists do lean Democratic — a tendency Thompson dates to the Nixon administration’s conflicts with academia over Vietnam. Given those leanings, there is little political cost to Republicans in taking positions that may alienate the scientific community. Meanwhile, on some topics, scientific inquiry may currently tend to generate conclusions at loggerheads with the policy objectives favored by captains of industry and the religious right — i.e., by the Republican Party’s political base.

Does a similar dynamic help to explain conservative enthusiasm for Daubert? It is always important to remember that ascribing partisan motivations to participants in a debate does not resolve the merits of the debate itself. On the other hand, it would be naive to think that controversy over Daubert takes place in a sociopolitical vacuum. Is it possible, in that light, to see the rise of Daubert as a rearguard action against the extension of scientific inquiry into areas where it might expose features of reality that conservatives find uncongenial — e.g., features of modern capitalist enterprise that are broadly injurious?

Certainly it would be an irony, if the banner of Science were waved so stridently by parties actually keen to cabin the threats they perceived free and rational empirical inquiry to pose. But it wouldn’t be the first time.

Leon Jaroff versus Erin Brockovich

As has been widely reported in the press, numerous alumni of Beverly Hills High School recently filed litigation alleging that their cancers and other health conditions were caused by exposures to fumes from oil wells located beneath the campus grounds. The claimants are represented by the law firm Masry & Vititoe, where Erin Brockovich plies her trade.

Now comes Leon Jaroff, in a Time Magazine column, to inveigh against the “junk science” on which he says the claims are based. It is a fine piece of red-blooded polemic for true believers. One is left with the feeling, however, that Jaroff has been less than neutral in selecting scientific evidence to highlight, and even less neutral in characterizing it. For example, Jaroff cites the University of Southern California Medical School’s Cancer Surveillance Program for the (syntactically byzantine) proposition that “Known causes of [Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma] are not petroleum or petroleum products.” But the actual findings of USC’s study seem less dispositive than Jaroff suggests. Meanwhile, it appears that Jaroff’s special edition of Google may filter out sites affililated with other nearby institutions of higher learning, such as Berkeley, whose Molecular Epidemiology and Toxicology Laboratory reports on studies linking benzene, one petroleum byproduct at issue in the litigation, with hematopoietic malignancies.

It used to be that stories in Time frequently ended with the well-worn “time-will-tell” tagline — e.g., “Only time will tell who has the better of the scientific arguments.” It now appears that in matters of scientific evidence, at least, there is no felt editorial need, at Time, to acknowledge that the debates may take a while to play out. Maybe the readership has grown less patient.

Washington DUI Probation Violation Penalties

Washington DUI sentencing courts in enforce sometimes even distinctive, problems upon a DUI sentence, and numerous standard. Some are positive problems, pay penalties that are i.e., take part in alcohol therapy finish an alcohol analysis, and attend DUI patients cell. Others are high. Law violations are committed by Don’t, don’t consume liquor, don’t push with no ignition lock. Extra supports being enforced can be meant by violations of any problems imposed from the courtroom. Particular violations result with hardly any attention permitted, in necessary fines.

Pursuant to RCW 46.61.5055 (11)(A), you will find three violations of the DUI probation that need the courtroom to enforce a mandatory fee. How a law reads these problems must be imposed by the sentencing judge:

Not operating with no legitimate permit within Washington to push and evidence of insurance

Not driving an automobile in Washington with perhaps a THC concentration above 5.00 nanograms or an alcohol awareness above.08 within two hours of operating

Not declining to some check of breathing or body upon authorized demand by-law enforcement.

That law further demands that FOR EVERY breach of the problems discovered to get been dedicated, the courtroom is needed to enforce thirty days of permit suspension AND thirty days of confinement. Therefore, by means of instance, if your person on the DUI probation were to become captured operating without evidence of insurance, declined to have a breath-test after which supplied a body test by having an alcohol awareness more than.08, that individual could be taking a look at 3 months of confinement and 90 extra times of permit suspension.

Among the actual issues with these necessary and serious sanctions is that the individual on probation seldom understands that these particular violations can lead to fines that are mandatory. Sometimes a judge may place out this or they will be particularly advised by even the individual’s attorney of the reality. Usually that individual leaves courtroom just comprehending that conduct is banned although not the severe mandatory fee may derive from violations.

The downside this from all? If you should be within this placement, ensure that that the Washington DOL has your target of report and your license are legitimate and unchanged. It’s both of these violations that people observe more than every other. An outstanding speeding citation leads to a permit suspension and also the never gets notice of the suspension and updated his address. Evidence or insurance inadvertently drops isn’t offered at the stop’s time. It appears unnecessarily severe that somebody would need to spend 30-60 times in confinement to get a basic error. Particularly when the fundamental confidence might have just led to a couple of times in prison to start with. With that said, that’s precisely what Washington DUI law firm surfaces have to enforce such conditions. Therefore be careful and meticulous to prevent inadvertently falling into this case.

Deadly Car Accident Leads After Legal Acquittal to Ohio Civil Suit

Automobile accidents in Ohio can lead for that individual who triggered the incident to legalities. These legalities may include civil and legal cases. Each kind of situation is in addition to the additional, therefore experiencing both types can be done. There comes arising from a collision that happened in September 2015 a current municipal action on the pumps of an acquittal within the legal case.

Whenever a business proprietor condemned right into a number of cyclists the incident happened. The company operator stated the glare of sunlight avoided him from having the ability to begin to see the team as he turned left. He faced one count of two matters of vehicular homicide and wanton neglect of public security.

Three individuals were hurt within two and the incident were murdered. Among the individuals was pronounced dead-on the picture. 7 days later another died. The three individuals who have been hurt mentioned they have endured severe accidents that would be lasting. Additionally, they state that they experienced mental harm.

The household members of the individuals who have been murdered and also the three individuals who have been hurt have submitted a civil suit that names numerous defendants, such as his businesses, the business proprietor and different insurance providers with that the guy has guidelines. This suit is currently seeking damages. It claims loss and negligence motorist benefits of range.

People that have dropped a relative in a vehicle accident or are hurt may choose to find financial payment. Recalling that legal cases n’t affect municipal claims for payment is essential.

Stay alert. Does not imply it is possible to dismiss what is occurring on the highway simply because you’re not shifting in a higher rate of pace. Truckers involved, everyone, have to stay attentive all the time.

Like a passenger automobile driver, you understand that vans are. They’re traveling by you about the freeway and tugging up within the town close for you.

Though you may also do items to prevent a collision, you never understand if your trucker can make an error that places you in the method of harm.

In case a vehicle strikes your automobile, do not delay to get hold of the regulators. You would like authorities to create a study up. In addition, you desire to be handled for almost any accidents. Be sure you go to the clinic for an evaluation even although you believe you’re ok. You never understand before you are examined over if you had been hurt.

Pennsylvania School Bus Crash Sends 23 To Hospitals

An overeager driver attempting to pass a school bus apparently overcorrected, causing a massive crash that left nearly two dozen people hurt. Luckily, none of the injuries was life-threatening.

The bus was traveling on Interstate 81 in rural Pennsylvania over the weekend when the accident occurred. Many adults and children were on their way to a church camp from Cumberland Valley Christian School.

As the bus traveled on the interstate, a 79-year-old man passed the bus on the left side in his Cadillac, but, he had to take evasive action to avoid hitting another vehicle. He apparently overcorrected and spun out in front of the bus, causing the crash.

The man’s car ended up in a ditch, and the bus partially ended up in the ditch as well, hit a guard rail and rolled over onto its roof. According to a USA Today article, 17 passengers, a mix of children and adults, were taken to Chambersburg Hospital, with several others going to Waynesboro Hospital.

According to hospital spokespeople, all of those injured did not have life-threatening injuries. Their injuries were described as minor to moderate, according to reports.

The 79-year-old driver was injured and hospitalized as well. Police believe he was the contributing factor in the crash, although it was not clear if charges will be filed.

The accident apparently caused the closure of the northbound highway lanes as rescue crews had to remove passengers from the bus and car. Three children passengers, as well as the Cadillac driver, had to be extricated from the vehicles.

Inflatable Amusement Rides Have Some Worried About Injuries

On a breezy weekend afternoon recently, an inflatable slide on Long Island went flying at a youth soccer tournament. Similar incidents the same afternoon left several people injured, one woman seriously.

It’s a growing problem, experts say: inflatable rides are apparently causing increased injuries in emergency rooms over the last decade. There were apparently almost 5,000 such injuries back in 2004. In the last two months alone, at least 10 such rides have collapsed, injuring 40 people, according to the Daily Item.

According to a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, which monitors the safety of such rides, they are aware of the problem. She says every new ride is inspected by a safety board. They also have approximately 1,000 inspectors across the state.

Sometimes, rental companies that provide inflatable rides for parties or other events have in-house inspectors who assure that safety requirements are met. Still, that doesn’t mean accidents won’t happen. Most customers choose not to hire employees to oversee the operation of such rides. Sometimes, accidents occur when weight limits on the rides are ignored.

The spokesman for the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials says accidents involving inflatable rides happen all the time. He says they should be treated almost like carnival rides and should be closely monitored. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

What it all comes down to is whether the rides are being operated safely. As the spokesman tells the Daily Item, “It’s all about the operator. Just like anything, you need somebody competent doing it.”

Still, high winds and other factors can still cause accidents. When in doubt, it’s always best to choose safety first.

Famous Boxing Brothers Hospitalized With Injuries After Crash

It only takes one little mishap to cause a serious car accident. It’s scary, but life can change in a split second.

Two well-known sports figures are fighting serious injuries after a car crash late last week. The car accident sent 29-year-old twin brothers Rock and Tiger Allen, famous for their boxing skills, to the hospital for injuries they received during the one-car crash.

According to reports, the brothers were traveling in a Ford Explorer on Bethlehem Pike in Montgomery Township. The car reportedly left the road and hit a tree. Tiger Allen was the driver. Both men were airlifted from the scene by rescue helicopter to different hospitals.

The twins were considered up-and-coming in the world of boxing. Rock Allen boxed at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. His brother, Tiger, tried but failed to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team in the 2000 Olympics. Neither has fought in the last couple of years.

According to, Rock remains in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he is listed in serious condition. Tiger is in intensive care at Hahnemann University Hospital. There is no word on his condition. There were no further updates on the state of the twins’ health.

Police in Montgomery County have yet to establish a cause for the accident. It was not clear whether alcohol could have been a factor. An investigation is ongoing. It was not reported when or if police would release more details.

Police Blame Truck Driver For New York Crash That Killed Six

A fully loaded 18-wheeler can weigh 80,000 pounds. When it’s going at highway speed, it’s impossible to stop a big rig quickly. That’s why truck drivers need to be alert at all times and aware of traffic signs warning of upcoming construction, delays and so on.
Law enforcement officials are saying the driver of an 18-wheeler was not paying attention before he caused a fiery crash that left six people dead in upstate New York last month.
Investigators are apparently unsure of what the trucker was paying attention to in the moments before the crash, but they are convinced that it wasn’t the road or traffic.
They say the Pennsylvania trucker drove right past highway signs warning of upcoming construction and delays, but did not see them or did not pay attention to them.
Investigators and others are currently weighing whether or not to bring criminal charges against the man, requiring a bellingham criminal defense lawyer.
His 18-wheeler was carrying a full load when it slammed into the back of an SUV on a rural highway in Antwerp, New York, about 270 miles north of Newburgh.
A police spokesperson said investigators found that the trucker had not made phone calls or sent or received texts in the minutes prior to the crash.
He also didn’t appear to be intoxicated or impaired by drugs, they said.
He apparently hit the brakes on his truck right before impact, but it was too late.
Killed in the SUV the truck smashed into were an elementary school speech therapist, 42 years old, her two daughters, ages 14 and 11, and her mother-in-law, 69.
The SUV reportedly exploded in flames upon impact.
Two other people were killed in separate vehicles.

NFL Taking Efforts To Better Educate Game Officials On Concussions

It has recently been reported that the National Football League (NFL) is taking efforts to better educate its game officials on the symptoms of concussions.

Reportedly, while game officials will not be expected to wield the same knowledge on concussions and brain injuries as doctors, the NFL wants its game officials equipped with the know-how to identify signs of a potential concussion to better ensure that players receive proper medical attention when they suffer potential head injuries.

As part of these new efforts, the NFL reportedly included information on concussions in its game officials’ weekly training tapes.

The NFL’s decision to take new efforts to educate game officials on concussions came after a scary incident occurred involving an NFL player and head trauma.

The player reportedly experienced a hit early in the fourth quarter of a game. Reportedly, the player stumbled backwards after this hit. Reportedly, a game official went to the player after this stumbling occurred and the player waved him off.

According to the ESPN article which reported this story, the player remained in the game and did not receive any special medical attention. Reportedly, team doctors were tending to another injured player at the time and did not get a clear view of the above-mentioned hit.

After the game, the player took a flight back home. When the plane landed, he suffered a seizure, presumably from head trauma he sustained from the above-mentioned hit. Reportedly, doctors do not know when the player will return to play.

It will be interesting to see how effective the NFL’s new efforts at educating its game officials about concussion symptoms will be at better ensuring that players receive proper medical care after suffering a potential head injury.