Apr 03

Pennsylvania attorney faces up to 25 years in hunting death

A 49-year-old Philadelphia area lawyer has pleaded no contest to a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the wrongful death of a 52-year-old hunter from Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

In addition, the lawyer has also pled guilty to being in possession of a rifle and a shotgun. He is facing sentences of up to ten years each on the weapons possession charges and up to five years for manslaughter, for a possible total of 25 years.

The accident happened while the lawyer, his uncle and a friend were hunting on the attorney’s land in Bucks County. The victim was apparently shot while bending over to dress a deer he had killed near the attorney’s property. He was wearing a blaze orange hunting hat at the time of the shooting.

Paramedics were summoned to the scene but were not told that the man had been the victim of a gunshot. The man died of a bullet wound to the heart and lungs.

During their investigation, police collected 96 weapons they believed to belong to the lawyer. Previously, he had agreed not to possess any weapons as part of a felony conviction on an assault charge in 1985 among other criminal defense charges.

The attorney ultimately admitted to other hunting violations, including the use of a rifle to hunt in a shotgun-only area, baiting deer with corn and transporting loaded weapons while riding in an all-terrain vehicle.

In addition to the current charges, the lawyer was also charged in 1994 in the shooting of a pheasant hunter. Early in 2011, he was charged with shoplifting over $200 in merchandise from an area sporting goods store.

He is free on a $2 million dollar bail pending sentencing in July.

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