Man Loses Foot in Vicious Pit Bull Attack

A recent dog attack in another state has made national headlines because it could happen anywhere at any time.

It’s scary, but dangerous conditions on a property can injure completely innocent bystanders. One man was recently attacked by vicious dogs while he was jogging in a park.

The 62-year old man was jogging in the park when he was attacked by two pit bulls. He says that the pit bulls were vicious, as if they had been trained to attack and harm, not just to protect a home. The dogs were in the park, apparently loose at the time of the attack. The man tried to stay on his feet, but the dogs overwhelmed him, biting both his legs. He says he withstood a 20 minute attack by the pit bulls.

While telling himself to survive, he began to think that nobody was going to help him. The police showed up shortly after someone had called for help to assist the man. The police tried to remove the dogs had to shoot them in order to protect the man from further injury.

The jogger was taken to a local hospital. His injuries were treated, but he lost his foot as a result of his run-in with pit bulls. The jogger says the incident has made him fearful of this happening to others.

Dog owners need to leash their pets outside if they are this dangerous. Unsuspecting pedestrians should not have to worry about such attacks on public property. If you are injured by another person’s pet, don’t delay speaking with a qualified injury law firm in Highbridge.

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